Clavius, Schiller, and Tycho - photographed by Luke Oliver 2014.

Hire Steadicam Operator London - Luke Oliver

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Role: A-Cam Op and Steadicam Operator

Client: True Films


Feature Film shot on location in the Peak District.

Role: Steadicam Operator

Client: Diana Froese


Short Film set in a dystopian future.

Role: Steadicam Operator (Series 3)

Client: Short Form Film / CBBC


Children's TV drama which aired on CBBC in 2018.

Role: B-Cam Op and Steadicam Operator

Client: Machinima


TV Mini-Series based on the popular Street-Fighter computer games.

Role: A-Cam Op and Steadicam Operator

Client: Fox Cub Films


Short film set in London's East End in the 1960s.

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