Flame and Horsehead 20.01.17
Moon (Crater Janssen) 15.01.16.jpg
Venus 10.09.15
Jupiter (Io L & Callisto R)  17.03.16.jpg
The Hercules Cluster
The Orion Nebula
Sunspots 2321 2324 2325 15.04.15.jpg
Clavius (lower right) 07.04.17
Saturn 19.04.13b.jpg
M94 30.04.16.jpg
The Pleiades
Clavius, Schiller, and Tycho
The Whirlpool Galaxy
Sunspot 2130
Clear Skies
The Dumbell Nebula
Comet Lovejoy, C2014 Q2

Clavius, Schiller, and Tycho - photographed by Luke Oliver 2014.

Hire Steadicam Operator London - Luke Oliver

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