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RT Motion
Hire Steadicam Operator London

Luke owns an RT Motion 3.1 kit; a wireless follow-focus system that provides reliable lens control whilst the camera is on the Steadicam Rig. The system is compatible with all lenses that bear the standard 0.8 mod pitch and includes a wide 0.8 gear for use with telescoping Anamorphic Lenses. Luke has Run / Stop Cables for both RED and Arri cameras. The system incorporates programmable end stops so that it can even be used with lenses that have infinitely rotating barrels.

Hire Steadicam Operator London

Luke also owns a Teradek Bolt Pro kit; a wireless video link that provides a full HD (1920x1080 4:2:2) video stream from the Steadicam Rig. The Bolt Pro offers up to 100m of zero-latency wireless video, perfect for focus pullers and directors' monitors. The antennae are built-in to the transmitter and receiver, making the set compact and unobtrusive. It operates in the 5Ghz range and accepts 3G-SDI / HD-SDI signals.

Hire Steadicam Operator London

Luke owns a Betz-Tools Wave1. This handy little plate allows the operator to keep a locked horizon - even if the centre post is swinging about. A huge help in windy conditions, and when using really wide lenses. The Wave1 makes Steadicam shots look like beautiful dolly work.

Hire Steadicam Operator London

Luke also owns a Kenyon Labs KS-4x4 Gryro kit, for those times when Antlers are insufficient. This Gyro increases the inertia of the tilt, pan, and roll axes of the sled - perfect when shooting in really windy conditions, or from vehicle mounts. The KS-4x4 Gryro kit attaches via a 'Quick Release' adapter, so it can be mounted and unmounted in a matter of seconds. Whether you want to shoot in the middle of a windy field, or from a boat at sea - with the use of theKenyon Labs KS-4x4 Gryro, Luke can guarantee a steady shot!

KS Gyros
Hire Steadicam Operator London

Luke has custom built a pair of Antlers for his Steadicam sled. These increase the inertia in the pan axis by suspending weights 45cm either side of the centre post. By adjusting how many weights are attached, Luke has complete control of the amount of interia in the pan axis. Ideal when working in challenging wind conditions.

Hire Steadicam Operator London
Hire Steadicam Operator London

Luke has a set of four 184Wh V-lok batteries. These are powerful batteries; a set of two running in tandem are able to power an Alexa setup on the Steadicam rig for several hours.


Regulations forbid Steadicam operators from transporting Li-ion battery packs over 100Wh by plane, which can be a problem as high capacity batteries are often quite necessary on shoots. However the set of SWIT V-lok batteries that Luke owns have a patented separable design; they can be split into 2 parts, each part with a 92Wh capacity.


These batteries feature a D-tap socket to power other on-camera devices simultaneously, and a 4-level LED indicator to give you a quick view of remaining power before using.


The SWIT D-3004S is a 4-channel simultaneous charger for Luke's V-lok batteries. Simultaneous charging means that all four batteries  will be charged at the same time - minimising waiting time and maximising the use of the Steadicam rig.

Hire Steadicam Operator London

Luke owns a Junior Magliner, which has been specially modified for Steadicam work. A fixed stand allows Luke to dock the Steadicam sled and rest the arm at one end, whilst a retractable bracket allows Luke to hang the vest at the other. This way the entire Steadicam setup can be moved around set by just one person.

Hire Steadicam Operator London

This pair of 3' x 4' mobile Windkillers are made from a fine mesh that prevents strong winds from upsetting the delicate balance of the Steadicam. The fine mesh means the assistants are still able to see Luke as he moves. They are often used to form a V-shape behind Luke to create a dead-spot for him to operate in.

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