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Hire Steadicam Operator London

The Steadicam Archer Kit Includes:


Steadicam Archer Sled

12v and 24v V-lok Plates

7" HD-SDI Onboard Monitor

G-50 Iso-elastic Arm

Steadicam LX Operators Vest

Alexa / Amira / ENG Mounting Plate

Teradek Bolt TX and RX

RT Motion 3.1 Kit

Betz-Tools Wave1

Kenyon Labs KS-4x4 Gyro


4 x SWIT 184Wh V-lok Batteries

Quad V-lok Battery Charger

Mobile Sunbounce Windkiller Kit

C-Stand for Docking

Low-Mode Kit

15mm Rails

Rain Covers




Luke has a selection of bespoke cables for powering cameras through the Steadicam Archer Rig. Cameras supported include:

  • Arri Alexa

  • Arri Alexa Mini

  • Arri Alexa LF

  • Arri Amira

  • RED Epic

  • RED Scarlet

  • RED Helium

  • RED Gemini


The rig also offers 12v D-Tap out, 12v 4-pin XLR out, and 5V USB out.

Many adjustments of the Steadicam Archer Sled are tool free, so the rig can be used under real-life, fast-paced conditions. The centre post telescopes, allowing both lightweight and heavy cameras to be flown.


The G-50 isoelastic arm offers a total lift capacity of 50 lbs (23kg). The “G” is for “Geo,” an active link that adjusts the spring tension as the arm booms up and down. The result is an amazing thirty-two inch boom range requiring very little effort to boom all the way up or down.

Click here for details on how to hire Luke Oliver, Steadicam Operator London.

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